1994: Nobody’s Going To Tell Me Who To Love

Four months and six entries later, we’re done with 1994 on 100 Albums. I originally posted a ’94 mix two years ago after being inundated with a slew of think pieces inspired by 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death; I stand by what I wrote then, though admittedly I forgot I had already mentioned my story of hearing Portishead for the first time when I posted my essay on Dummy two weeks ago.

Additions to the original track listing include a terrific Alison Moyet single (why it never became a drag lip-synch standard is puzzling), some proto-Belle and Sebastian twee sweetness from Frente!, a Roxette song I’d like to think could’ve been massive had it come out two or three years before, and Oasis, undeniably the yang to Blur’s yin (at least in ’94). I’m not sure why I neglected to include anything from Amplified Heart, but I do seem to remember “Bad Reputation” not being available on Spotify at the time. Another generally forgotten hit, it still sounds remarkably fresh today–hearing it is always a reminder that I should explore Johnston’s back catalogue a little further.

Click here to listen to my favorite tracks of 1994 on Spotify:

1. Tori Amos, “God”
2. Blur, “Girls and Boys”
3. Jeff Buckley, “Grace”
4. Sloan, “Coax Me”
5. Milla, “Gentleman Who Fell”
6. Freedy Johnston, “Bad Reputation”
7. Everything But The Girl, “Rollercoaster”
8. Luscious Jackson, “Deep Shag”
9. Soul Coughing, “Casiotone Nation”
10. Sam Phillips, “I Need Love”
11. Echobelly, “Insomniac”
12. Erasure, “Always”
13. Alison Moyet, “Whispering Your Name”
14. M People, “Moving On Up”
15. Portishead, “Sour Times”
16. Sinead O’Connor, “All Apologies”
17. Indigo Girls, “Least Complicated”
18. Liz Phair, “Whip-Smart”
19. Pavement, “Range Life”
20. Frente!, “Accidentally Kelly Street”
21. Saint Etienne, “Like A Motorway”
22. Roxette, “Sleeping In Your Car”
23. Morrissey, “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
24. Oasis, “Live Forever”
25. Dialogue from Pulp Fiction, “Royale With Cheese”