Best Albums of 2018: # 4

4. Robyn, “Honey”

Given her past championing of non-LP formats, for Robyn to finally return with a nine-track, forty-minute set was a bit of a surprise; even better was how complete and satisfying it felt. It has discipline and restraint like none of her previous albums but doesn’t at all dilute from or sacrifice what makes her such a compelling, unique artist. Those looking for another “Dancing On My Own” might feel let down, but those open to a more mature and subtle sonic (not to mention emotional) trajectory will find lots to fall in love with, from the ethereal breakbeats of opener “Missing U” to liberating, near-euphoric closer “Ever Again” and all the good stuff in between (rest assured, she totally gets away with titling a track “Send To Robyn Immediately”.)

“Ever Again”: