Marmo Overpass to Constitution Beach

Before I explored Orient Heights’ business district, I checked out Constitution Beach.

Getting there required crossing the Blue Line MBTA tracks via this suitably blue-lined overpass.

Walking up the overpass, I felt as if I was on a footbridge rollercoaster.

According to this, the overpass was opened and named for Anthony and Dee Dee Marmo in September 2001 (no conspiracy theories, please!)

One but can’t help but notice its electric blue curves.

And on the other side of Marmo Overpass, it’s the beach!

It was pretty deserted on an unseasonably chilly Friday in early May.

Although I would’ve liked to have seen more activity, I have to admit I appreciated the solitude.

At the beach’s south end sits a residential neighborhood that juts out east towards the coastal suburb of Winthrop.

I must have arrived at or near low tide.

According to a municipal sign (not pictured), the beach is officially open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so I was only weeks away from enjoying a hot dog from Selma’s Kitchen or a cup of Richie’s Italian Ice.

Looking south towards Porrazzo Skating Rink and beyond that, the familiar sight of Logan Airport Tower. In my last post, I mentioned I haven’t had a reason to return to Orient Heights (I live on practically the opposite end of Boston), but if I ever find myself out that way again, I’ll revisit Constitution Beach (that is, if it’s not too cold and windy.)