Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove is a small community 43 kilometers (26 miles) south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I was there on a bright, clear and crisp Saturday morning in October 2018.

Lobstering seems to be one of the chief industries there (next to tourism.)

You have to walk a bit from the municipal parking lot to reach the coast.

It’s well worth the walk (and the drive.)

The community sits on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay.

Many travel here to see the lighthouse, along with these expansive, scenic views.

In the years since my visit, a 1,300-square-meter accessible viewing platform has been installed, although apparently people are still allowed to walk across the rocks. If I ever return, I kind of hope to see this accordion player perched right up against the lighthouse again.

Another great edge of the world. To quote Kate Bush, “We stand in The Atlantic, We become panoramic.”